Metaphysical meaning of Ebed-melech (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ebed-melech (mbd)
Ebed-melech, e'-bed-me'-lech (Heb.)--king's laborer; servant of the king; slave of the king.

A eunuch in the retinue of King Zedekiah of Judah (Jer. 38:7-16). He told the king that the prophet Jeremiah had been put in a dungeon to perish, and so he was the means of delivering Jeremiah.

Meta. The king's servant, or the king's thought, as it went out to help rescue Jeremiah. The natural forces, represented by this Ethiopian servant, Ebed-melech, will pull the body out again after a time, if given an opportunity. These forces are constantly doing constructive work, and they will repair the damage done by destructive thoughts and dissipation. But there is a limit to their endurance. If they are abused continually, they will finally give up and cease their work.

God has placed the stamp of perfection upon the spirit of man. This stimulates the natural forces of the body and urges them on toward perfection. The natural forces of the body are willing to cooperate with man in manifesting a perfect body, but man hinders them by his disobedience and unbelief. This saving and this renewing of the body are illustrated by Ebed-melech's aiding in getting Jeremiah out of the dungeon, when he had gained the consent of the king (the will) to do so.

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