Metaphysical meaning of Bigtha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bigtha (mbd)
Bigtha, blg'-thå (Heb. from Pers. or Sanskrit)--gift of God; given of fortune; gift of the sun; a garden; a gardener.

One of the seven chamberlains of King Ahasuerus. He was one of the two who conspired against the king, but was defeated in his purpose by the timely warning of Esther and Mordecai, and was hanged (Esth. 1:10). In Esther 2:21 he is called Bigthan, and in Esther 6:2, Bigthana.

Meta. A belief in luck, or chance (given of fortune), as a compelling force in man's life that cannot be withstood (gift of God). This belief, if held, would eventually destroy King Ahasuerus, the will.

Man needs his will. The natural man even needs his bigoted, personal will until he rises into a higher understanding, for the will is the executive power in man--he is nothing without it. So we find spiritual love (Esther) and the spiritual power working within the soul for its full redemption (Mordecai) using their influence to preserve the human will (king) and to reveal in its true light the erroneous, destructive belief that conditions in man's life come about by chance instead of by exact law, a law of thought that enables man to rule himself and all his affairs.

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