Metaphysical meaning of Beth-hoglah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-hoglah (mbd)
Beth-hoglah (A. V., Josh. 15:6, Bethhogla), beth-hog'-lah (Heb.)--house of partridge; house of magpies; house of locusts.

A city of Benjamin, on the border between Judah and Benjamin (Josh. 18: 19, 21).

Meta. Impulsiveness; faith (Benjamin) acting intermittently, on the impulse of the moment, not yet being firmly established in consciousness so as to express consistently at all times (house of partridge, house of magpies, house of locusts). Birds usually signify free, unattached thoughts. In Beth-hoglah, however, the reference is to the manner of locomotion, that which hops along like a bird, a man walking with his feet shackled, or any irregular jerking movement as compared with walking along rhythmically and steadily.

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