Metaphysical meaning of Beraiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beraiah (mbd)
Beraiah, be-ra'-iah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah created; begotten of Jah; brought forth of Jehovah, Jah is maker.

A Benjamite, son of Shimei (I Chron. 8:21).

Meta. A perception of the truth that Jehovah, the Christ, is the true Father, or Maker, or Creator of manifest man. Man came forth from the Christ, the divine ideal man, which ever exists in the mind of God (whom Jehovah created, begotten of Jah, brought forth of Jehovah, Jah is maker). In spite of outer man's seeming direction of affairs, his apparent blunders and inharmonies, there ever remains in him the true guidance and activity of a higher light and understanding, even that of Spirit. Eventually there will be brought about a fulfillment of the good that from the beginning has been given to man, but which as yet he has so imperfectly realized and appropriated.

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