Metaphysical meaning of Azzur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Azzur (mbd)
Azzur, az'-zur (Heb.)--helper.

a One who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant that the returned Israelites made to God, in which they promised to serve Him and keep His statutes (Neh. 10:17). b Father of a false prophet in Jeremiah's time (Jer. 28:1). c The father of Jaazaniah, whom Ezekiel saw in a vision standing at the east of Jehovah's house, looking eastward, devising iniquity and giving evil counsel. Ezekiel was told, by the Spirit that showed him the vision, to prophesy against this Jaazaniah, son of Azzur (Ezek. 11:1).

Meta. A certain perception of the truth that our help is spiritual (helper). This should assist in our true service to God and to man, and in our real overcoming in ourselves. This interpretation seems to be true of the first Azzur that we have mentioned. In the two latter instances where Azzur is spoken of, however, the individual is seeking to apply spiritual truths to the exaltation of the personal self and is claiming the blessings of God without putting away carnal beliefs, desires, and activities. This always brings trouble in the end, since the blessings of God are to His obedient children and not to the willful and disobedient.

The true prophet of God in one discriminates between that which is of the absolute good and that which is of the lesser self and knows that the limitations of sense must be denied or crucified. The true prophet is not loved by the carnal mind. When the king (will) gives himself over to personal selfishness and to the rule of the senses, the true spiritual helper is almost silenced, because false thoughts (prophets) arise in consciousness. These false thoughts pervert the Truth that has been gained, and seek to apply it to the building up of the personal man. Man likes to think that he can have everything good that he desires, without giving up any of his personal selfishness in order to get this good. The false thoughts and beliefs in him (false prophets) tell him that he can; but they do not tell him the truth, and in the end he will realize this.________________________
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