Metaphysical meaning of Augustus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Augustus (mbd)
Augustus, äu-gus'-tus (Lat.)--sacred; kingly; venerable; augmented.

Part of a title taken by the Roman emperor next after Julius CÆsar (Luke 2:1); he was called Augustus CÆsar, or CÆsar Augustus. He was emperor of Rome at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. At that time the Roman empire extended over the greater part of the then known world.

Meta. The worship of the will ruling in selfishness and directed by human reason (sacred, kingly, venerable; a Roman emperor). When one is in this state of consciousness the intellect is his god, and he believes that his good can be increased (augmented) and that his dominion, power, and honor can be extended through his setting up the sense consciousness. He proclaims self as the rightful ruler in his entire being, instead of denying self and acknowledging God (Divine Mind) as the one source of all authority and of all existence. (See CÆSAR.)

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