Metaphysical meaning of Athach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Athach (mbd)
Athach, a'-thach (Heb.)--lodging; inn; stopping place.

A place in Judah "where David himself and his men were wont to haunt" (I Sam. 30:30, 31). It was one of the places to which David sent a portion of the spoil that he had seized from the Amalekites after defeating them and regaining what they had taken from him and his friends at Ziklag.

Meta. A fixed state of consciousness, or aggregation of thoughts of abidingness in Truth and of trust in the great Source of all, in the inner life forces of the subconscious in man. Love (David) often finds there a temporary abode (lodging, inn, stopping place) while hiding from the personal will (Saul). The personal will (Saul) would kill love (David), the rightful ruling power in man, and so love, until it becomes strong enough in consciousness to take that which is rightfully its own, and until the outer opposition of the personal will (Saul) is removed, must often retire to the hidden strongholds of the subjective consciousness. But while it is there it is not idle; much overcoming is being done that is not apparent at first to the outer man.

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