Metaphysical meaning of Addon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Addon (mbd)
Addon, ad'-don (Heb.) -- strong; powerful; a foundation stone; low (in the sense of being humble but of great strength) .

Evidently a place in Babylonia whence some Jews who could not prove their Israelitish origin returned to Jerusalem from the Captivity (Neh. 7:61); called Addan in Ezra 2:59.

Meta. An aggregation of thoughts of great power and strength in consciousness (strong, powerful). These thoughts have their foundation in humility (low, a foundation stone), and they lead to freedom from sense confusion (Babylon). However, at a certain stage of his unfoldment the individual needs a clearer realization of his spiritual identity: the Jews who returned to Jerusalem from Addon could not prove their Israelitish origin.

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