Charles Fillmore’s Essay on the Little Wigglers

Charles Fillmore’s Essay on the Little Wigglers

Mark Hicks

Dear Friends -

Here is an essay by Charles Fillmore entitled How Microbes are Made that was published in 1909. To make it more readable, I have slightly rearranged the text and have added subtitles. But the text is 100% as written by Charles Fillmore.

Several people have asked if Charles Fillmore had commented about the flu pandemic of 1918. I didn’t find anything in those years but you can browse PDFs of Unity magazine from 1918 through 1920 here. Let me know if you find something. Regardless, this essay from 1909 directly addresses our current pandemic. I hope it is helpful to you.

Scroll down, click on Read More to go to the essay and you will see a link to download a PDF that may be printed as a booklet. If you run the booklet PDF through a duplex printer, flipped on the short end, you will have a very readable document for study or to share with others. If you just want a clean copy, there is a link for you print from your browser.

Read the essay carefully and you will find that Charles Fillmore does not say that we have created these “little wigglers” by the of the activity of our thinking. But what he repeatedly says throughout the essay is that we have mistakenly “named” their place in God’s perfect creation as evil. God creates microbes; Adam names them.

Mr. Fillmore would have us do four things to overcome these “beasts of the field” whose “office it is to make men miserable:”

  • He wants us to clean up our thinking facility with Wisdom and Love so that we may seek a higher source of wisdom than ourselves, and reflect it.
  • He wants us to embrace materia medica and to connect it with metaphysics so that we may partner with our health leaders to overcome the ravages of disease and death.
  • He wants us to reject hate germs such as anger, jealousy, malice, avarice, lust, ambition and all of the detestable ideas that mankind harbors.
  • Finally, Mr. Fillmore wants us to embrace our image and our likeness of God by “naming” the truth and goodness of all creation.

Let me elaborate a bit on that last point. How we “name” the coronavirus just may be the way we move forward. No doubt this is a “kairos moment” when all things are open to change. As a human race we have an opportunity to improve democracy, achieve peace, care for the poor and fix our climate. As individuals we have an opportunity open our heart to others and rebuild relationships. As a church we have an opportunity to redefine how we deliver spiritual benefits to a world underserved by traditional religion.

In summary the way to overcome this little wiggler is not to kill it but rather to transform it into a greater good. The way forward is forward.

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Mark Hicks
Sunday, May 31, 2020

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