Cora Dedrick Fillmore

Cora Dedrick Fillmore
Cora Dedrick Fillmore


From a Blaine Mays tribute published in 2000:

Cora Fillmore tribute by Blaine Mays

Tribute to Cora Fillmore by Blaine Mays

I arrived at Unity Village late Feb. 16. 1951. A switchboard operator suggested I call Cora Fillmore, who let me stay one night in her extra room—a night that lasted I years. So began one of the greatest, most enjoyable adventures of my life at the feet of a truly grand lady.

Cora responded 24 hours a day to Charles. She comforted this man she idolized as the great mystic and spiritual giant he was. Lovely. Intelligent. Caring. Cora devoted her life to see that Charles and his teachings lived, compiling Keep a True Lent and Revealing Word after his death. She wrote Christ Enthroned in Man and co-authored Teach Us To Pray with Charles.

A vegetarian who loved alfafa tea, she loved to tell stories about “Mr Fillmore.” Once, driving by an alfalfa field, Charles told the driver to “STOP!” He then told Cora she could go and graze for a bit.

Cora gave her heart, her soul and her energy to Charles and Unity. Thank you, my dear friend and teacher, a person of dignity, charm, integrity and dedication.

by Blaine C. Mays

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