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Mark Hicks

Sunday, January 24, 2021. Click here and you will get a beta version of the Fillmore Study Bible. The reason this is a beta version and not just a concept is because the document is useful as is—Fillmore annotations and commentary on chapter 1 of Genesis, the four nativity chapters in Matthew and Luke, the entire Gospel of John, most of Romans, some of First Corinthians and all of the Letter to James. The FSB is in PDF format, but it is print ready and the PDF has hotlinks to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

Most important is that we can now get a sense for how the finished Fillmore Study Bible will look and feel. We are ready to begin regular meetings to discuss the format and content of new chapters. And hopefully this beta version will inspire you to become a collaborator. Our first meeting is this Thursday, January 28 at 9:00AM EST. Our time together will be part business (discussing the format) and part bible study (discussing the content). You are welcome.

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