What You Are Doing Through Your Support

What You Are Doing Through Your Support Cover

What You Are Doing Through Your Support

by A Unity Worker
Unity School of Christianity
917 Tracy Avenue
Kansas City, MO

Could you, our students and friends in the field, read some of the letters which come to headquarters, you would feel yourselves to be more closely unified with us in the great work of spreading Truth. Thousands of people in isolated communities look to Unity to show them the way to peace and happiness. Many of them have no other religious or spiritual influence in their lives. If you were of this type when Unity came to you, we know that you have never ceased to be grateful to the good Samaritan who made it possible to give this ministry to you.

Inquiries about Truth come from people who have found copies of Unity in most unexpected places. A man in adversity writes that he found two or three leaves from a Unity magazine in an old cabin, miles and miles in the forest. Within those pages he found practical Christianity and learned of the school that is dedicated to it.

Probably you have not considered the part that you play in this work, and your relation to the work. Your faithful prayers for the ideals and the purposes of Unity School mean a great deal. It makes our hearts glad to find in your letters some little message like this: “Every day I remember you at headquarters and pray that your good work may be extended, according to your vision.”

In order to give the best possible service to our correspondents, workers at headquarters are proving Truth by demonstrating it in their work. Affirmations for service, efficiency, and cooperation are held every day. We are bringing up our standard so that those who write for our healing ministry or who send in subscriptions may be taken care of in the most efficient manner. The vast volume of letters and orders now coming to us makes efficiency imperative.

That our rates may not be prohibitive to any one, the prices of our publications have been kept down. During the time when many publishers were lamenting the high cost of paper and increasing the rates of subscriptions to their periodicals, we made no increase in prices. In fact, the subscription price of Unity to foreign subscribers ($1.24) has been reduced to $1. Foreign readers formerly paid $1.52 for Weekly Unity; the present price to them is $ 1.

Virtually all the money received for publications is expended upon their production. Very little of it finds its way into the funds which may be used for extending the work. The new buildings at headquarters and the extension of our service are more or less dependent on the love offerings for healing and other freewill offerings. All money sent to headquarters, aside from that used for actual running expenses, is used in furthering and extending the Unity ministry. The work has been carried on for more than a quarter of a century, free from commercialism and thought of personal gain.

We believe that this more intimate statement of how our work is being carried forward will enable you to see what has been accomplished by your prayers and support, added to the efforts of our staff of workers here. Many of you who send in love offerings regularly have found that Spirit is increasing your own finances every month; particularly has this been noticeable to those who are following the tithing plan. The following extract from a letter will be of interest.

In sending in this $20 as a love offering toward the Unity Correspondence Course lessons, I feel that I must tell you how I prospered after deciding to use the tithing plan. Let me call attention to my tithes for the last year: Feb., $5.50; March, $5.50; April, $8.90; May, $7; June, $12.83; July, $14.50: Aug., $14.50; Sept., $14.50; Oct., $14.50; Nov., $14.50; Dec., $20; Jan., $19.20; Feb., $17.75; March, $20. You will see that, through my tithing, my offerings have increased perceptibly from the start. I certainly think that tithing is the only satisfactory plan for curing financial troubles. I shall remember you often.

What has been accomplished in new buildings is almost unbelievable to some of the visitors who come here, since they know that the work has been carried on entirely by voluntary offerings. We have never followed the system of making public appeals for money. Occasionally, however, we find it well to let those who do not visit headquarters share in our vision of the development of the movement.

The volume of our work seems to keep ahead of the space available for handling it. By the time the addition now in contemplation is completed, it will be filled with workers. This new $150,000 addition which you are helping us to erect will be a great mosaic of the prayers, blessings, and thank offerings of people all over the world who have received the light of Truth from this place. Every love gift which is received is being blessed, and we know that your prosperity will be increased bountifully for all that you do.

As soon as actual work is begun upon the new addition we shall begin printing photographs, to keep you informed of the progress of the work. We thank you for all that you are doing through your support.

917 Tracy, Kansas City, Mo.

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