Dreamwork: Conclusions


One can’t help but wonder how the understanding of dreams may have been altered in the public sphere had Charles Fillmore and Carl Jung met in person; these men who in so many ways were so similar: teachers, leaders, and healers for so many. The synchronistic connections that link them grow the more both men are studied.

As the foregoing has shown, both men possessed incredibly sharp minds and capacity for insight. Both were unequivocal in their belief that the study of dreams was a priceless tool for uncovering the contents of their deepest soul and psyche. Both knew that a study of the mind was vital to the unfoldment of consciousness. Both recognized that inherent value in the partnership of the clergy with psychologists in service to individuals. Both understood that “called or not called, God would be there.”

Jungians today continue to build on the foundations laid by Carl Jung and use the dream material of their analysands as he taught. In the Unity Movement, the study of dreams has faded into the distant mists of history; however, a quip often repeated in Unity circles says that “nothing is ever lost in Spirit,” so it is not too far a stretch to consider the possibility of the re-emergence of this foundational teaching of Charles Fillmore. Perhaps this essay is a start.


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