Unity Teachers' Meeting Reports in 1919

In Unity, before there were ministers, there were teachers. The teachers in Unity were the most trusted friends and associates of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Teachers in Unity provided Thought Leadership, which means that it was teachers who worked out the fine details and ramifications of what Unity taught through it’s publications and through the work of it’s field lecturers.

Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/03/31
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/04/07
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/04/14
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/04/21
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/05/05
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/05/12
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/05/28
Unity Teachers Meeting Report - 1919/08/25
List of teachers participating in Unity Teachers Meetings

Here are transcripts of a series of meetings held in 1919 in which Charles and Myrtle Fillmore entered into a free-style discussion with their most trusted teachers. That the Unity teachers were able to question Charles Fillmore about the most fundamental teachings of Unity is remarkable. I encourage you to take a close look at the August 28, 1919 meeting at which the discussion focused on the nature of the spiritual body.

These are the transcripts found in the Unity Archives, collection 1062. There were probably more than what we have found here and they are likely mixed in with the Charles Fillmore papers.

Here are photographs of some of the participants in the Unity Teachers' Meetings

Jennie Croft, Unity Teacher
Jennie Croft
Charles Fillmore
Charles Fillmore
Myrtle Fillmore
Myrtle Fillmore
Lowell Fillmore
Lowell Fillmore
William Hoschouer, Unity Teacher
Wm Hoschouer
E V Ingraham, Unity Teacher
EV Ingraham
Richard Lynch, Unity Teacher
Richard Lynch
Louise C. Newman, Unity Teacher
Louise Newman
Ida Palmer, Unity Teacher
Ida Palmer
Imelda Shanklin, Unity Teacher
Imelda Shanklin
Frank Whitney, Founder of Daily Word
Frank Whitney

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