Go Light Your World 2017 - Lonnie Vanderslice

Rev. Lonnie VandersliceRev. Lonnie Vanderslice
Founder, Unity of Spirit. Rev. Lonnie provides services to individuals who have felt marginalized due to addiction, sexual orientation, spiritual belief systems, and other life circumstances. This summer she has co-founded “The Sewing Labs”, imparting jobs training skills to prepare individuals for employment in sewing-related industries and serving as a training and resource center for the urban Kansas City community.

Your Spiritual Curriculum

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Note: Here is the video that was shown at the end of Lonnie's presentation:

Weave Gotcha Covered!
Website: http://weavegotchacovered.com/
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Unity of Spirit
Website: http://www.unityofspirit.org/
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The Sewing Labs
Website: http://thesewinglabs.community/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheSewingLabs/

KC Works Together
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