Unity Ordination Photo 1996

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Unity Ordination Photo 1996
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Row 1 (Left to right): Sharon Beckham, Victor Rosencrans, Patricia Bessey, Amanda Howard, Genice Williams O'Neile, Linda Pye, Ernestine Griffin, Bonnie Oda, Carolyn Claiborne, Donna Dearmore, Terry Dearmore, Alta Burnett

Row 2: Stanley LaTorre, Nancy Jerome, Paul Hasselbeck, Rita Thomas, Marylou Palmer, Pamela Reynolds, Gretchen Pena, Annie Tremble, Lynn Hale, Bill Worth, Carolyne Jeanne Rhodes

Row 3: Adrienne Dorfman, Minister of Spiritual Direction; Jonathan Hutul, Sherry Lady, Neusom Holmes, Mavis Stephenson, Verena Pickart, Al Johnson, Larry Schellink, Allaire George, Raymond Shea, Laura Barrett, Chairperson of Biblical Studies and Skills

Row 4: Bill Hines, Instructor; Jim Gaither, Chairperson of Metaphysical Studies and Skills; Earl Anderson, Instructor; Robert Brumet, Instructor; Gladys Branscum, Dean of Student Life; Terry Lund, Chairperson of Prayer Studies and Skills; Gary Jones, Dean of Education; Tom Thorpe, Chairperson of Ministry Studies and Skills; Don Jennings, Instructor; Maurice Williams, Instructor; Vicky Arden, Chairperson o£ Pastoral Studies and Skills; Ross Tucker, Chairperson of Communication Studies and Skills; Toni Boehm, Dean of Administration (Not in photograph: Julien Telesford)

Unity Ordination Photo Back 1996

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