Unity Ordination Photo 1969

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Unity Ordination Photo 1969
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l. to r.: Margaret Conn, W. E. Goodison-Orr, Ruby Rawlins, Ella K. Pet­erson, Florence Anderson, Lowell Fillmore, Sallye C. Wannamaker, Mabel K. Swanson, Evelyn Diederich, Bonnie Armstrong.
Top Row: Ernest Ramsey, Ann Monson, Sune' Richards, G. Arthur Hammons, Freddie Brown or Violet Assam or Carrie Bolens, Pat Filiault, Grace Copeland, Violet Goetchius.
Source: July 1969 Contact Magazine.

Ministers ordained in Unity in 1969 were (alphabetical order): Florence H. Anderson; Bonnie Armstrong; Freddie Brown; Elvira Gil Caceras (Deceased 9/22/1988); Grace F. Copeland (Deceased 5/1/1980); Adelaide Apps Dibblee (Deceased 3/13/2000); Evelyn C. Diederich (Deceased 6/8/1977); Emma Marie (Pat) Filiault; Violet S. Goetchius (Deceased 6/9/1977); G. Arthur Hammons; Ann B. Monson; W.E. Goodison-Orr; Ella K. Peterson (Deceased 7/1977); Ernest A. Ramsey; Ruby B. Rawlins; Alberta (Sune) Richards; Mabel K. Swanson (Deceased 2/1977); Sallye C. Wannamaker.

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