Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 10

Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 10

What kind of words must be used in restoring the soul and body to health? Show how the Word is carried to man's soul, body, and affairs.

10. Words which express the ideas of life, health, vitality, strength, joy, order, purity, perfection must be used in restoring the soul and body to health. Such ideas are imbued with the power of God, and the soul and body respond as we recognize and claim our heritage of perfection as a son of God. However, in order to maintain the health consciousness thus established, we must seek to keep all our thoughts, feelings, and words constructive and harmonious.

In considering how the Word is carried into all phases of our being, we need first of all to remember that the Word is spiritual man, the spiritual phase of every man's being. We sometimes term this phase the Christ, the I AM, the Seed of God, every man's divine nature or pattern at the center of his being. When we become conscious of this phase of our nature, we are able to use our formative power of thought to direct the Word (God's creative power) into soul, body, and affairs. The spiritualized will (See Series 2 Lesson 6 Annotation 18) has to be called into action as words of Truth are spoken to the various centers of consciousness, thus blessing the different parts of the body organism. Through the right action of the will faculty, the intellect (conscious phase of mind) speaks positive, constructive words to the subconscious phase of mind — "the letter"; then the Superconscious (Christ Mind) illumines the words and "the spirit giveth life" (II Cor. 3:6).

We can think of the Word as being carried to all parts of the body by the life essence, symbolized by the "blood." The body is nourished by spiritual substance, symbolized by the "bread." The life currents in the body are accelerated by the positive words that we speak when we affirm the truth of our being — the Word. When we speak thus we are not trying to change anything, but to realize that which is eternally true. As our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and reactions are charged with the spiritual power that is ours, in the realization of our divine sonship as the Word of God, our blessing is mighty to accomplish God's good purposes. This is true communion. "Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy words were unto me a joy and the rejoicing of my heart" (Jer. 15:16).

When we recognize words of Truth, we respond to them in thought, we realize them in the feeling nature, and they become manifest in the world of form.

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