Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hi Friends – Here are seven favorite TruthUnity Easter messages. I hope they bless you.

There Was Once a Man of Love by James Dillet Freeman. This has been the most popular Easter post on TruthUnity. I never understood Christianity until I found Unity. And I never understood Easter until I heard James Dillet Freeman's There Was Once a Man of Love. This piece reframed the historic Christian message for me and, in ten minutes, conveyed what the Fillmores spent an entire lifetime attempting to say — that God is both benevolent and active in the world today.

Resurrecting Easter by John Dominic Crossan and Sarah Sexton Crossan. This book is important to me and to any of us who are Metaphysical Christians because we are coming to understand, as a human race, that God plays no favorites. The atonement is universal. As the graphic says, “Instead of arising alone, Christ raises all of Humanity with him.” Here are my reflections.

Jesus Christ, An Ever Present Reality by May Rowland. A fifteen minute audio essay by May Rowland, it is a theological kaleidoscope — thirteen clips, each a little more than one minute long — each giving a unique perspective on Unity's teaching about the presence and power of Jesus Christ.

Words of Jesus by Ed Rabel. This 1986 production Words of Jesus by Unity School of Religious Studies has six 30-minute devotional videos. The interest is psychology, not history. The focus is the teachings of Jesus, not the works of Jesus. The intent is spiritual transformation, not intellectual understanding. In short, the content of these six 30-minute videos is devotional, not theoretical. It is pure Practical Christianity.

The Easter Perspective by Eric Butterworth. Audio and transcript of Eric Butterworth's 1979 Easter Sunday talk at Unity of New York. It just may be his best talk on what Easter is all about. As you will see, for Eric Butterworth Easter is not about something that happened 2,000 years ago. Rather it’s about something that is happening now. The talk certainly has many intimations of Discover the Power Within You and, like this famous book, it’s not about Jesus so much as is it about you and me.

The Mystical Teachings of Christianity by Jim Lewis. Here is the full text and PDF download of Jim Lewis' understanding of the theology and symbols of mystical Christianity, interpreted for a modern day understanding. The purpose of this book is to help make our transition in thought from a literal to a spiritual interpretation of the great Christian ideas.

The Son of Man (1914 Easter Message) by Charles Fillmore. Here is the text of Charles Fillmore's 1914 Easter message, compliments of Rev. Bob Brach and Unity Classic Radio. Given Easter Sunday, April 12, 1914 at the Unity Auditorium, 913 Tracy Avenue, Charles speaks of Easter from two diametrically opposite standpoints, that of orthodox view and the unorthodox view.

Happy Easter!

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Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

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