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Donatons we would like to see

What We're Looking For

Books Published by Unity

I will consolidate the donations. The vision is to have a stock of 50-100 copies of all the classic Unity books, and at least a few copies of most every book published by Unity. I am especially fond of the older copies, published prior to 1955. My job is to scan them and get them out there in an online-readable format.

Unity Periodicals: Unity Magazine, Weekly Unity, Wee Wisdom

We have most of the Unity Magazine issues from 1900 through 1920. Do you have others? Let's complete this list.

Unity Tracts and Brochures

I have a bunch of them remaining to be scanned and posted. Here is what's out there. But anything prior to 1950 (see the code on the back) or anything with a Kansas City address would be nice to have. Mail it to me and let me know if you want me to return it to you after getting it scanned.

Histories of Unity Churches and Unity Ministers

Many churches and ministers write their "memoirs." I love them!

Pictures, Video, Audio

The older the better. I can't use the thousands of Sunday services that have been recorded, but if you have something special, send it to me.

When in doubt, email me.