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Rev. Tom Thorpe

Rev. Tom Thorpe is an ordained Unity minister currently serving as a faculty member and subject matter expert in Unity Institute® and Seminary’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment program. To help achieve the goal of making Unity’s teachings available to “more people in more places in more ways more often,” Tom focuses on developing and presenting courses for Unity Institute’s Distance Learning programs.

Tom is the author of Through A Loving Lens: Gentle Observations About Life, Love and God, and has written for both Daily Word® and Unity Magazine®. Tom believes that because our potential for spiritual growth is infinite, there’s always value in exploring life’s challenging questions more and more deeply.

Here is a recent video of Tom on YouTube sharing his Vision of Unity.

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Tom Thorpe Livestream Broadcast Channel

How to participate:

  • To ask a question during the live broadcast, call 1-816-252-4242. Be sure to turn off the sound of your computer when calling!
  • To enter into an online chat, hover your mouse over the broacast picture above. See that a > Sidebar button appears in the upper right corner.  Click on it and then click on the Chat link. Then enter your name and press the Send button. Note: Tom will not be able to read your chat entries during the lesson.
  • If you have trouble with the broadcast, email me at or call me at 1-512-646-0109.

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Many blessings, Rev. Tom

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