Mark Hicks

Note! I'm not really charging for broadcasts! I am just testing out how it can be done as a favor for another Unity group.

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Submitted by Margo Ford on

Hi Mark;

I'm very excited about what you are doing and I am affirming it will continue to grow.

A couple of comments: The sound quality is very poor. Also the "word document in front is very distracting. Can you make it about half the height it is now? When we were in MEP we were advised to have non-glare glasses, and there is a lot of reflection off your lenses.

Sending you blessings of Love and Light

Submitted by Alan Triplett on


Thank you for all your work. I sent a comment on the above and did not see it posted? Did you receive my post? I had given up on Unity as a possible spiritual community because the Church disavowed the importance of a plant based diet as a foundation for deeper inner work.
I hope to hear back from you.


Submitted by Seerker on

I would say I come across this website by coincidence, but I think we all know there are not coincidences.

I saw the page where are some books you can read and the "Master Class Lessons" call my attention,so I decided to opened and see what was the content and read a chapter. I started with chapter 1 - I was agreeing with the writings and thinking this is nothing new to me, of course we go to God for guidance and direction, of course payer is how we communicate with God, and then as I continue to read a question come into my mind -

What do I believe I have? My first thought was "nothing" immediately I realise I was reading this book from the comfort of my home sitting in a comfortable chair with laptop, therefore the answer "nothing" was either wrong or not true.

I can't believe that when I asked myself the question 'What do I believe I have?" my first thought was nothing. - I feel so ungrateful and unthankful right now, after spending almost 2 hours writing my physical possesions.

Therefore, the feeling - I have nothing - must come from another area, the unseen area, I have an emptiness that needs to be fill, not with material things, it is an emptiness that needs attention, contemplation and meditation. So I will ask another question;

What do I believe that I have that is not apparent? an hour has passed, I am still waiting...