Five loving leaders exemplify I Behold The Christ In You

How to Celebrate the 3rd Sunday in Advent

Today is the 3rd Sunday in Advent — when we celebrate love in the context of Christmas. Here is a thought that we may find helpful today.

This Sunday and each Sunday, in most of our Unity churches, we often bless children and others by saying "I behold the Christ in you." Sometimes we sing the well-known song I Behold The Christ In You, written by Frank B. Whitney.

Have you thought about what that really means? Would you like to have that penetrate deep into your heart over the next two weeks? Would you like to be able to say that in the quiet of your heart when you are shopping for Christmas? When you are with friends and family? When you encounter people who are busy and people who are stressed? Would you like to be able to reflect back to them the Christ they are? Would you like to have the loving consciousness of Mr. Rogers, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and Cesar Chavez?

If so, here is a meditation by Rev. Tom Thorpe that is powerful enough to change our whole experience of Christmas over the next two weeks...

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