Sunday October 18, 2015 Service:

Sunday October 25, 2015 Service:

How to participate:

  • SPIRITMUV Sunday services are held 2:30-3:30 eastern time (New York) at the Unity Center of New York City, 213 West 58th Street, between 7th and Broadway. You are welcome!
  • If you are participating online, feel free to email Rev. Cecilia with comments and questions at spiritmuv1@aol.com
  • Sunday messages for SPIRITMUV are posted here.
  • If for some reason the broadcast does not work, try clicking here.

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Submitted by Kia on

Great show. I loved that you touched on Dinah's voice aka intuition.
Besides the echo voice overlap issue everything was great!
See you next week when its not icy outside!

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